Need a Well-Crafted Case Study Copywriter?

Reach out to me directly to discuss how I can produce a well-crafted case study that your business can add to its powerful apparatus of marketing, sales, and PR communication literature.

What makes a success story fascinating? It boils down to several brilliant maneuvers: 

· targeting the right audience

· interviewing with the right questions

· incorporating the right format

Why me? I am that copywriter who’s got a knack for storytelling. The fact that I am a trained speech communicator with commonsense analytics just means that it’s all-the-more-easy, shall we say, for me to write a customer case study that conveys your customer’s success story using your business’ products... and showcasing your goods in action in a customer’s environment, whatever that might be!

What’s a key factor in well-crafted case studies? Journalism. Yep, that’s right… Luckily for me, journalism was part of my university training. I even did what was called, my senior practical, employing journalism techniques in the field where I had interviewed executives in large corporations and turned their feature stories into great articles.

Why am I telling you this? In my humble opinion, it’s important for a writer to exude the legitimacy and confidence I have, to effectively employ journalism techniques in order to craft and present your customer’s success story in a “feature story” format. And, that’s what makes a case study increasingly compelling—it makes it readable, memorable, and delivers a return on investment.

And, that my friends, is the name of the game!

Engaging Ways to Tout Your Business' Success

How many times have you ever said, "I love that story!" Let's face it--we all love a great story about real people engaging in real action. 

Whether it's a story about how a product transformed an ordinary family's lifestyle, or a story about a doctor who used a medical device to save a patient's life--we love hearing those success stories. 

The same concept applies in business... and guess what? I am that copywriter who will write feature-stories about satisfied customers’ and transform them into powerful marketing communication tools for your business.

Here's How: 

  • I match the customer story to the audience
  • I ask the right questions
  • I optimize my angle
  • I tell a feature-story each time
  • I incorporate real customer comments skillfully
  • I cleverly tie the story full circle  - from start to finish

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