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Description and Mission Statement

Golden Literature is a humor and satire website dedicated to providing entertaining stories and articles for its readers and a creative writing outlet for myself. This concept is built around the simple premise that reading should be an inherently enjoyable activity. For too long, schools, the internet, and the business world have largely destroyed people's desire to read through an onslaught of boring textbooks, educational novels, illegible webpages, and pointless long-winded emails, among other drivel. Even much of the publishing industry has become a part of the problem by constantly pushing the same content repeatedly to the point where most of their products are now stale and unappealing.

Golden Literature strives to be a part of the solution. When you finish reading a story or article from this site, you should be thinking, "Hey, I enjoyed that and it was nice to read something without stressing the shit out of my brain or feeling like I wasted irreplaceable minutes of my life," or "This is the most pleasurable reading material I've come across that didn't involve pictures of naked women/men" (Sadly, I just can't measure up to reading material of that caliber).

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