Five Underappreciated Groups of People

1.) Parents

Parents are the best, because they help replentish the world population. They even have their own Commandment named after them.

2.) Professionals

These guys are smart. They have official pieces of paper to prove it. We should accept everything they say, without question.

3.) Drivers

As a rule of thumb, the less safety rules a person needs to follow on the road, the more skilled of a driver they are. Only one word can accurately describe aggressive drivers: Awesome.

4.) Internet Commenters

The diverse opinions of commenters are the greatest treasure of any blog or website. When people leave comments, it’s like they are having a conversation with the author. It’s almost always either an ass-kissing or flaming conversation, but a conversation nonetheless.

5.) Internet Writers

There are many interesting writers on the internet, many of whom are more amusing then those found writing for traditional media outlets. This one guy who writes literature of a golden nature is especially cool.

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