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A Third Opinion
10 Commandments from Various Religious Denominations
By Secular Government

The following are Ten Commandments from various religious denominations that are not officially recognized by the government, though your right to believe in them is firmly protected. Any relation these commandments have to the laws of the state are purely and entirely coincidental and do not constitute an endorsement of any kind.

10.) Honor thy mother and thy father

You have no legal obligation to emotionally or spiritually honor your parents or guardians in any way.

9.) Honor the Holy Sabbath

You have no legal obligation to honor any day of any kind.

8.) Do not take the Lord’s Name in Vain

You have no legal obligation to not take anyone’s name in vain, regardless of race, sex, economic status, or sexual orientation.

7.) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s possessions

You have no legal obligation to not covet anyone’s possessions, whether they are the property of your neighbor or otherwise.

6.) Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Bearing false witness against another may be a crime depending on the setting upon which it is done in.

5.) Thou shall not commit adultery

Adultery itself has no legal repercussions. However, if you are married, the act may lead to a divorce in which you could be forced to surrender up to half of your belongings to your former partner as well as a to be determined amount of your financial assets.

4.) Thou Shall not steal

Stealing is a crime in which the punishment shall vary in severity in accordance to what item(s) were stolen.

3.) Thou shall not kill

Murder is a serious offense that has a maximum punishment of either life in prison without the possibility of parole or capital punishment.

2.) Thou shall not make unto thee any graven images... Thou shall not bow down thyself to them.

You have no legal obligation not to make any graven images or not to bow down to them.

1.) Thou shall have no other gods before me

You have no legal obligation to either have a god(s), not have a god(s), or to have god(s) ranked in any specific order.

Secularism is boring.

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