Need A WHITE PAPER Copywriter?

I suppose you could call me a rare species when it comes to my passion for excellence in research and writing persuasive essays. 

In the business world, I call this  essay a White Paper--an educational marketing tool that's structured a bit differently than a traditional essay, but has the same concept of educating the reader

A well-crafted White Paper is a powerful educational marketing tool that is designed to drive sales and change lives.

Why am I a confident copywriter? I had an Alma Mater that helped me pair my passion for writing with the skill of business research and business writing. 

It did not matter whether I was writing a 2-page persuasive essay, or a 28-page organizational essay--or whether I had 1 paper, or 3 papers due on the same day, I always received an A. 

Even crazier--if an exam involved an essay, I was that nerd who got  excited, knowing without a shred of doubt, I would ace that exam--you get the idea. 

So, what's my secret? There's really no secret. You just have to have a sincere passion for excellence in the trade of writing White Papers. 

It might seem difficult to the untrained writer but to the professional writer, it's a methodical cake walk. What am I, nuts? No. I am simply saying, there is a method to the madness. 

Let me explain: At first glance, the due diligence process could be intimidating and discouraging. However, to a business solutions, customer-focused, write-to-sell copywriter, the opportunity is a welcoming challenge. Confidence and reliability win the day, every day in writing White Papers. 

Many writers often make the mistake of focusing on their self-serving interests when writing, without realizing, the focus of attention needs to be highlighted on the reader's interests, which is, "How can your product help solve my problem?" 

My formal training and passion for excellence in research and writing gives me an advantage in knowing how to effectively gather substantial evidence and present hard facts for the reader. 

The end result? A solid white paper that leads customers to conclude your product is the best choice for them, and that will ultimately lead to a return on your investment. 

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  • Determine the Audience
  • Incorporate Credibility by
    • Objective Writing
    • Quote reputable third-party sources re all claims 
  • Determine Right Approach
  • Incorporate Substance by:
    • Providing Historical Background (of the problem leading to the solution)
    • Introducing Solution 
    • Presenting The Buyer's Guide 
    • Use of Powerful Examples 
    • Reveal the Solution/Product 

It's a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits. Reach out to me directly and Let's discuss your White Paper needs!