Golden Literature Statement on Diversity

At GoldenLiterature.com, we value diversity above all else. We realize that our readers come from all walks of life1 and therefore, we strive to produce diverse reading material to suit our readers’ needs. By having an “alternate version” at the end of almost every story and article, we are actively working to promote and celebrate the diverse nature of the diverseness of diversity.

But don’t just take our word for it, observe these reader testimonials:

“When I first arrived at GoldenLiterature.com, I felt overwhelmed by its greatness. However, the wide array of their diverse alternate versions helped me to feel right at home.”

- Brian Jackson


“Most literature websites only offer a printer friendly version of their material. The alternate versions of GoldenLiterature.com make their website so much more lively, since every story and article has a version as unique as I am.”

- Priscilla Everclear


“As recently as 50 years ago, alternate versions were for white people only. I’m glad that we now live in a more enlightened age where anyone can enjoy them. It really goes to show how far our society has come.”

- Julius Scott

(1) North America, Europe, and Australia.

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